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FACT: Renters that do not pay the rent can lead to foreclosure for the home owner or investor.

Unlawful detainer, known to many landlords as the eviction process, also applies to other areas of real estate. While most renters do "the right thing" and return your keys, clean the property, and move, some renters are not so honest. Renters refuse to vacate your property, moving only when the sheriff throws them out. Not knowing right from wrong, or simply desperate, renters can vandalize your property. If utilities are disconnected one can imagine squalor and filthy living conditions, yet tenants refuse to vacate your property.

A complete background check is your first line of defense! In today's economy landlords need rent properties in a timely manner. Prospective renters need to be screened, but con artists, bait and switch cons, and criminals might look like your average tenant, turning into a nightmare when they stop paying the rent. If maintenance, light construction, or remodeling is part of the homeowner's duty some con artists claim to know how to do the work and offer to do the work if you will rent to them. BEWARE of any offer thats sounds that good.

Take the recent case of Ronnie. His last name is unique, and for this reason alone popular search engines give one result. Without access to detailed information even a social security number query yields few results, if any, and one must plow through hundreds of websites that only want your money.

Ronnie just happened to be working across the street when he approached a homeowner working on a rental property. Ronnie's car was a late model SUV. He appeared to have a crew working for him. None of it was true.

The truth is Ronnie spent almost 14 years in prison after five different convictions. Other arrests and convictions meant Ronnie spent time in jail in North Carolina and Alabama. When he quit paying rent and refused to move it was not his first brush with the law. In fact Ronnie was charged with "willful destruction by tenant" in 1994. Armed with this information the homeowner would never rent to Ronnie.

What is a Property & Neighborhood Report?

Research a home or neighborhood with a Property Report! Find home value, ownership info, sales history, property details, current & previous residents, phone numbers, area sex offenders, satellite & map images and more.

What does a Background Check include?

Background reports include, when available, a criminal check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, property ownership, address history, phone numbers, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage/divorce records and more.



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